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Warranty for fiberglass pools

DSU GROUP – ANTHRACITE POOLS provides a 10-year warranty on the construction of the product and a 20-year warranty on the tightness of the pool.

The warranty covers:

  • SU GROUP – ANTHRACITE SWIMMING POOLS guarantees to the Customer – the end user that the above products will be free from material and workmanship errors in the above-mentioned periods from the date of purchase.
  • The DSU GROUP warranty – ANTHRACITE POOLS covers only defects that will be detected during normal use. Warranty does not cover other issues including:
    • Installation not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
    • Use inconsistent with the intended use of the product
    • Scratches, discoloration in the external state, if caused by improper use
    • Renovation or rebuild damage, if not corrected by the supplier
  • If you inform DSU GROUP – ANTHRACITE POOLS about defects or shortages of goods covered by a valid warranty, the goods will be repaired or replaced, but DSU GROUP – ANTHRACITE POOLS reserves the right to decide for itself what to do.
  • The replacement product may be new or almost new (unused) but functionally comparable to the replaced product.
  • If DSU GROUP – ANTHRACITE POOLS is unable to repair or replace the defective goods covered by a valid warranty , is obliged to pay the value of the goods in the amount corresponding to its price upon purchase, within a reasonable 30-day period from the date of notification.
  • If DSU GROUP – ANTHRACITE POOLS is not able to deliver the ordered item covered by a valid warranty, it is obliged to to pay the value of the goods in the amount corresponding to its price when purchasing / ordering, after a reasonable 30-day period from the date of notification.
  • If the resignation from the purchase / order If the product is the result of a customer’s error, all related costs are borne by the customer.
  • DSU GROUP – ANTHRACITE POOLS is not responsible for the costs of disassembling or assembling the product during the warranty period, if it did not perform the turnkey contract.
  • The DSU GROUP guarantee – ANTHRACITE POOLS is valid in each country to which the company delivers its goods.
  • Unusual shades of color are not covered by the color guarantee.
  • The guarantee is valid only with proof of purchase.
  • Standard colors according to DSU GROUP – ANTHRACITE SWIMMING POOLS are light blue and white.
  • If the customer reports a defect or defect of one of the DSU GROUP products – ANTHRACITE POOLS, caused by himself, and when the complaint resulted in the necessity of the arrival of a representative of DSU GROUP – ANTHRACITE POOLS to the client, the client is solely responsible for all costs.
  • CUSTOMER (end user) must check and register to prove to the seller: – Ph value (7.0-7.4) weekly – Chlorine value (0.5-1.0) weekly (not applicable to customers with salt chlorinator or automatic chlorine and pH dosing) – Temperature water (up to 30 degrees) weekly

WARRANTY FOR POOL EQUIPMENT – 24 months * (NOT for light bulbs)
WARRANTY FOR INSTALLATION (swimming pool or swimming pool roof) – 24 months