The Pearl model is inspired by the atmosphere of the Greek island of Santorini. The classic white swimming pool fits in any garden. The glitter decorating the form beautifully reflects the sun’s rays.

Dimensions: 8.20 x 3.30 x 1.55m; capacity: 35,000 l; weight: 650 kg; height: 165 cm

Price: PLN 65,000 – swimming pool with full equipment.

The set includes everything necessary to use and operate the pool: the highest quality anthracite pool, professional filter set, quartz filter cartridge, skimmer + 2 inlet nozzles, flexible pipe to connect the filtration, 2 valves, elbows, tee, muffs, glue + remover, manual bottom vacuum cleaner, 38 mm hose, pole, pool chemicals + tester, net for collecting dirt, pool thermometer, led lighting, assembly of elements in the basin, spray insulation of the pool with PUR foam.