The White Marble swimming pool is inspired by the holiday climate of the Greek islands. The bright colors of the pool go beautifully with both light and dark design.

Dimensions: 8.20 x 3.30 x 1.55m; capacity: 35,000 l; weight: 650 kg; height: 165 cm

Price: PLN 65,000 – swimming pool with full equipment.

The set includes everything necessary to use and operate the pool: the highest quality anthracite pool, professional filter set, quartz filter cartridge, skimmer + 2 inlet nozzles, flexible pipe to connect the filtration, 2 valves, elbows, tee, muffs, glue + remover, manual bottom vacuum cleaner, 38 mm hose, pole, pool chemicals + tester, net for collecting dirt, pool thermometer, led lighting, assembly of elements in the basin, spray insulation of the pool with PUR foam.